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We are apparel retail.

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The stuff you sell in your store and on-line comes in lots of different variations; sizes, colours, fabrics, you name it. This makes keeping track of your inventory way more complicated. The good news is that @ Apparel Meister we have produced an app that makes light work of it.

What separates Apparel Meister from other point of sale and stock management tools is that we have lived apparel retail first hand for years. Everything we do is centred around you; apparel, shoe and sportswear retail. Nothing else.

Why Apparel Meister?


The point of sale by Apparel Meister is both uncomplicated and fast, yet it allows you to track all the information you want to serve your customers better.

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Point of Sale
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Since all your merchandise comes in lots of colours, sizes, fabrics, width fittings, cup sizes etcetera,  Apparel Meister is designed to enable you to easily manage all of your stock, transfers, stock counts, orders between all of your branches and your sales channels.

Apparel Meister displays your information in a grid or MATRIX format, just what you're used to!

Stock Management


Apparel Meister is a cloud based app.

Apparel Meister is a cloud based app which you can run in a Google Chrome browser on your PC, Mac or tablet. So there is nothing else to install or worry about other than having an internet connection.

We take care of everything technical including updates, back-ups and optimisation.

This allows you to do what you're good at which is retailing apparel, footwear or sportswear, whether you have one store or fifty, trade

in bricks and mortar stores and/or online through different channels.

At Apparel Meister we believe in sustainability and therefore it is very likely that you can use all your existing hardware equipment with our app. Apparel Meister is therefore a low threshold investment, also because we charge an affordable monthly subscription.

Point Of Sale

Speedy, efficient and comprehensive

Apparel Meister's Point of Sale is designed to enable capture of sales and all associated data including customer data. It does this in an uncomplicated fashion, securely and fast.

Through our Adyen integration, stores are able to take all modern payment methods such as Google Pay and Apple Pay, all fully integrated thereby maximising accuracy.

Cashing up at the close of business is aided by extensive transaction reporting.

At Apparel Meister we believe in sound and sustainable solutions as well as saving trees. Being able to simply email receipts is of course a feature.

Back Office

Works the way apparel retail is used to working.

At Apparel Meister we started with the end in mind: comprehensive reporting thereby giving you the information you need to run your retail operation effectively and efficiently.

Apparel Meister display and reports on your sales, stock and orders in a MATRIX grid, in other words; the way you are used to work. Our competitors insist on long lists which are hard to make sense of and are unintuitive.

Apparel Meister allows you an unlimited number of departments and product categories by clever use of tags and tag groups thereby enabling you to look at the information pertinent to you.

Link your stock and sales records to your on-line channels in real time to keep your entire enterprise up to date and accurate.

ApparelMeister Tech Partners

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Tech Partners

The Apparel Meister App Store

Apparel Meister allows third party developers to develop apps that interface seamlessly. What this means is that Apparel Meister's future developments are unlimited potentially providing you all the functionality you could wish for.

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App Store
Brand Partners
Street Fashion
Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management Sys

Retail Management System


Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System is finally reaching end of life in July of 2021.

If your business is currently using Microsoft RMS, talk to us today! Apparel Meister is the natural successor for retailers in the apparel, shoe and sportswear business!

We can port most of your data across and we offer this service FREE OF CHARGE.  Plus we offer special deals for current RMS users! Call now.

Microsoft RMS
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Available from May 1st, 2021

There's now not long to wait to deploy Apparel Meister in your retail business! We are currently undergoing extensive Beta testing, ready for launch on May 1st.

ApparelMeister will be available in the following countries in gb/en:

United Kingdom, Ireland, European Union, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

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Launch Date

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